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  • IND2-2 V21

    Traffic Light Systems

    This is a simple but effective traffic light system, using tradition Green, Amber and Red signals as silent prompts.

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  • Event WorkliteWork Lights

    Rental companies asked us to make a work light that lasted for more than one job!

    It had to be robust and good looking with white, red and blue lights... here it is!

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  • Cueing systems q lightCueing Systems

    A cueing system should be reliable, simple to use and ergonomic. Our handsets have been designed with this in mind, and have tactile buttons for confident cueing.

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  • CDTouchScreen 280wCountDown Touch

    A new product design that counts time not only down but also up and to show the live time. Simple to use.

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  • AiO forweb


    A versatile Audio in/Out soundcard on USB. It uses the standard USB devices so does not need to have drivers.

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  • Event Timing SystemsTiming Systems

    Our Timing systems count down, count up or show the time of day to ensure your meeting is kept to time.

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  • Event Audio Systems

    Audio Systems

    When connected to your computer's audio, our PC Bal box will stop the buzzing that is often heard when a computer is connected to a professional in house system.

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  • SoundConnectSoundConnect

    It eliminates hum problems when connecting audio from your presentation computer or audio source.

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What do we do?

A question we are asked from time to time...

...what do you do?

If you are involved with presenting information you want others to understand, then you will find the products we manufacture here at Interspace Industries (i2) are designed with you in mind.

We have been providing technological assistance and equipment to the presentation industry for over 25 years and have designed specific products to help the presenter and the technical crew make their presentations seamless, controlled and successful.

Cueing systems are remotely controlled devices for technicians and presenters, in the old days it was to run 35mm slides (full Multimedia as it was!) and maybe a Video off Betacam. These days they usually control the computer directly using software such as PowerPoint, KeyNote and Impress. These cueing systems are sometimes referred to as Clickers, such as (Remote) PowerPoint Clickers. We have also heard the remote handset called a Pickle and actuator.

Sometimes the presenters have such tight time constraints that they need a timer or clock so they can keep to time. Have a look at our range of Timing and Traffic light type systems for full featured or simple meeting control.

Plugging a computer into the sound system in an event can create buzzing - our PC Bal Box can get rid of this. With the New USB Bal Box we maintain the quality of the sound where pre-emphasis has been applied on the headphones out on some computers for proprietary headphones. Our Sound interface AiO will allow you to play out and record in at the same time over USB. No Drivers required (HID compliant).

Our new SpotOn product is all about a video laser pointer - a pointer that can be seen no matter where or how many screens the image is on.

These are just a few of our products, please browse our website for the full range, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.


What our Customers say!

"Like all i2 products the AiO is simple to use and does exactlyh what it says on the tin, I think this box should be in every engineer's tool box"

Mark Boden, Director, Dimenson Audio

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you, thank you".

Eleanor, 10th October 2013

"Thank you once again for providing such an amazing service!"

Joey,  TedxTaipei.com - 17th Sept 2013

"Having used the MasterCue series of cue control systems over recent years, we have been assured of completely reliable cue control for all of our events. The presenters are comfortable with the look and feel of the system and find it very reassuring to work with."

Paul Gilley, Onyx Presentations