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Another Happy Customer!

Another Happy Customer!

"All in all, you can’t get any better on quality or any more competitive in price with all the great products from Interspace Industries.
I swear by them on every single job and would not have it any other way. The products are both durable and dependable and work flawlessly for me EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Thanks Dave and his crew at Interspace Industries for putting all your effort and love into every product you make – my clients and I appreciate it!!"

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Welcome to Interspace Industries

MicroCue2 Guide

MicroCue2 TS Guide

This guide will take you through how to troubleshoot the MicroCue2 unit in a systematic fashion, and then proving its connection and operation with the Presenter's Computer. Please bear in mind that this unit is aimed at small meetings.

1. Proving the unit's functions - 'USB Connectivity to Computer?'

When you connect the USB A-B lead from the unit to the USB port of the Computer you should hear the Computer make the 'ding-dong' sound of a USB device being connected.

If you don't hear the ding-dong sound then try another USB port on the Computer or try another Computer.

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2. Proving the unit's functions - 'Transmitter working?'

To prove that the Transmitter is talking to the MicroCue2 first check that when you push the buttons on the handset transmitter that the LED light on the transmitter is alight. If not then change the batteries in the transmitter and try again.

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3. Proving the unit's functions - 'Transmitter Talking to Main Unit?'

To prove that the Transmitter is talking to the MicroCue2 push one of the buttons on the Handset Transmitter (keep the Transitter close to the MicroCue2) and check that the RF Level Indicator lights to maximum strength.

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4. Proving the unit's functions - 'are the Correct Signals Being Received?'

It is good practise to 're-teach' the handsets when setting up the system. If you are receiving the wrong signals from the handsets then you will need to follow this video.

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5. Proving the unit's functions - 'Keyboard Commands'

Now that you have proven the USB Connectivity between the main unit and the Computer is OK check to see that Keyboard Commands are acting properly. Take a PS2 type keyboard and plug it into the keyboard input at the rear of the unit and type - checking that the letters you are typ[ing appear on the computer's screen (???). If you have any unexpected results follow the instructions to reset the main unit as shown in this video.

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Return Merchandise Authorisation Form

We regret that if you have followed this troubleshooting guide and been advised that the unit is unserviceable that we will need you to return the unit to us.

Please ensure that you have completed the troubleshooting guide and indicated (by ticking the checkboxes) at which step the unit failed. Then please fill in the details below and click the submit button.


When we have recieved your RMA submission we will advise you where and how to send the unit to us.

Please enter your full name
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Please choose the vendor where the original unit was purchased. If you are not sure please select Hive Industries Ltd.
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A question we are asked from time to time...

...what do you do?

If you are involved with presenting information you want others to understand, then you will find the products we manufacture here at Interspace Industries (i2) are designed with you in mind.

We have been providing technological assistance and equipment to the presentation industry for over 25 years and have designed specific products to help the presenter and the technical crew make their presentations seamless, controlled and successful.

Cueing systems are remotely controlled devices for technicians and presenters, which in the old days was used to run 35mm slides (full Multimedia as it was!), and maybe a Video off Betacam. These days they usually control the computer directly using software such as PowerPoint, KeyNote and Impress. These cueing systems are sometimes referred to as Clickers, e.g. (Remote) PowerPoint Clickers. We have also heard the remote handset called a ‘Pickle’ and an ‘Actuator’.

Sometimes the presenters have such tight time constraints that they need a timer or clock so they can keep to time. Have a look at our range of Timing and Traffic light type systems for full featured or simple meeting control.

Plugging a computer into the sound system in an event can create buzzing and our PC Bal Box can get rid of this. With the New USB Bal Box we maintain the quality of the sound where pre-emphasis has been applied on the headphones output on some computers for proprietary headphones. Our Sound interface AiO will allow you to play out and record in at the same time over USB. No Drivers required (HID compliant).

These are just a few of our products. Please browse our website for the full range, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.