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About Interspace Industries

A wholly privately owned company since 1985, Interspace Industries has continued to provide cueing, presenter timing and numerous other technical solutions for the Corporate Live Events AV industry. With over 25 years experience in the AV market, we are proud of our high quality products which are engineered for optimum reliability, simple operation and proven value for money.

The Corporate Live Events AV industry has changed so much in the last 15 years and our challenge is to always keep up with current trends. Our company's diverse way of working allows us to adjust rapidly to the ever-changing world of technology and how it can be applied to the AV industry.

All of our products are designed and built in the UK to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability and are fully backed up with comprehensive technical support, a 3 year factory warranty and our commitment to ensuring 'the show goes on'!

Dave Humphrys

dave humphrysDave Humphrys

Managing Director, Head of Design

Dave founded Interspace Industries in 1985 after 15 years as a Technician (10 years as freelance). Not happy with the home-made cue lights that always seemed to be put together at the last minute, and after a customer expressed their concern with the reliability of these, Dave decided to build some professional cueing systems.

By the end of an intense week of design and testing, the very first MasterCue was created!  Now the CEO could be given something professional to run their big budget live event with that wasn't stuck together with gaffer tape! The Interspace Industries range has since continued to be built on this approach to solving real AV industry problems.

Jennie Redford

jennie redfordJennie Redford

Administration Manager, Company Secretary

Jennie joined Interspace Industries in 2002. She is the Company Secretary responsible for the accounts and general administration. Previous jobs have included all types of office administration, sales, accounts and secretary of her local Conservative Club for many years. During the last four years at Interspace she has also gained valuable knowledge of the electronics industry.

Nick Muir

nick muir

Nick Muir

Production Manager, Head of Procurement, Quality Control

Nick joined the company in April 2005, following a career in Engineering where his skills in manufacturing have proven invaluable to Interspace.  He is responsible for the production and procurement of all Interspace products.  Once the products are built Nick also takes control of all dispatches.

Keshia Carter

keisha picKeshia Carter

Keshia joined the company in July 2014. She is the first point of contact for customers and looks after sales. Before joining Interspace, Keshia worked in various retail and administrative roles which prepared her for her current position. Keshia also looks after the company administration and the shipping of orders.