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3-Button Handset

3-Button Handset
3-Button Wireless Remote Control. Suitable for use with the MasterCue V7, and all MicroCue Products. Provides for default Forward, Back and Blackout cues.

We are pleased to announce our improved handset.
The new Handset has been completely redesigned, with a new narrow enclosure to better fit in the user’s hand. The finger notch on the rear holds the handset in position whether you are left or right-handed.

Our Transmitter has a calculated operation of over 100,000 button pushes.
The LEDs on the handset show Green, Red and Yellow for the Next, Back and Blackout button presses, respectively. They also have a secondary role – when the battery level is low, a yellow indication will flash twice after the initial button indication to show the battery will need changing soon. But can easily last for the rest of the show.
The control unit displays colour-coded cues via a visual display as well as producing audible cue sounds which can be monitored via headphones if required.
The line-of-sight range in an enclosed venue typically exceeds 100m