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Cue4 Usage
This simple unit allows the main & backing computers on a show to be stepped together or individually, using a connection to a MasterCue V5 USB via a keyboard port with supplied PS2-PS2 lead.
Cue4 enhances the industry-proven MasterCue USB range, now providing for the significant expansion of PowerPoint presentation cueing control. Cues sent to the MasterCue system from either an event operator or the presenter can now be electronically distributed to multiple computers running different versions of the same presentation.
Ensuring the main, backup, translated, preview and/or note versions of the presentation remain perfectly synchronised at all times. Should the main computer hang or some other problem occur, for example, the backup computer can be switched to at any time, knowing it has remained in step with the main version.
Housed in a metal case with simple toggle switches for reliability and ruggedness. Four independently switched USB ports allow up to four computers to be controlled, giving the operator control over which outputs will follow the main cue or be bypassed for manual control in the case of a fault.
Cue4 has a loop output which provides for even further expansion through the connection of additional Cue4 units, thus providing for the simultaneous control of multiple presentation versions on any scale.
Main Features
– 4 USB independently driven ports for computer control
– Dual indicator LEDs for connectivity and port enable
– USB power – takes power from controlled computers
– No set-up required – plug in and go
– Control loop out for additional Cue4
– Small compact system
– 3 Year Limited Factory Warranty