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Video introducing the key features of the Indicator2

Key features of the Indicator2


This guide will take you through how to troubleshoot the Indicator2 unit in a systematic fashion, checking the power supply, timers, displays and XLR connections. If any step is not possible please use the RMA form below.

1. Does the unit Power up?
The first thing we should do is check the power cord/cable to the unit. Take a known working power cord/cable and substitute it for the one attached to the unit. Connect the power to the unit and switch it on.
Does the unit power up?

2. Can you set the colours?
Now that you have power to the unit can you set the colours on the main unit?

3. Can you set the colours on the remote displays?
Now that the power and the main unit has been checked move on to checking the remote displays. If you cannot set the remote displays then isolate whether you have a XLR cable problem. No cable run should be more than 100m. Check and change the XLR cables with known working replacements and then re-test whether you can set the colours on the remote displays.
Is the system fully functioning?

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