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CiO2 Stacked
CiO2 Front
CiO2 Rear
Quarter inch M to M 1m
The CiO2 (Comms input Output) now features a VU meter showing the signal applied. With a balanced XLR Line-in and a PFL Stereo jack (internally summed) input for sound desks and other monitoring feeds. It is then mixed with your comms headset feed so you can listen to the comms and the feed you are monitoring, without swapping headsets.

A useful tool for the audio technician
This latest revision would not have been possible without the help of our audio professionals, who require these and use them daily. 

Main Features

– Mix of external audio to your own comms headset
– Balanced XLR or 1/4” PFL (internally summed).
– USB powered – Mains USB PSU supplied or a spare port on your own device can be used.
– VU metering of input

Sold with

– USB A-B cable
– 4 Pin comms loop cable
– ¼” Jack to Jack cable