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Announcing our latest product: The Blue-BB!

We are thrilled to share with you the latest addition to our Audio product range, the Bluetooth BalBox, or "Blue-BB" for short.As the name suggests, this is an audio balancing box designed to provide a non-contact connection to your Phone, Tablet or Mobile device.It connects to your Mobile device via a simple and effective Bluetooth Interface and t...

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#CueEther Sender ( #MasterCueV6 or #MasterCueV5 to the Ethernet)

Busy Few Days - CueEther Sender is in production - we have metal work - we just need boards now.  This will allow you use you handsets and use a MasterCue to send Cues over your Local Ethernet  to trigger CueEther Receivers that are also connected to your Local Ethernet Network.  !

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GlobalCue. Live update....

Hello! Thank you so much for all the interest and comments on our Free GlobalCue.Live  - Remote Cueing System.  - It is being used a lot it seems! We have implemented your requests where we could. Would you like a Timer on the Presenters Handset? - We will set up a voting page on FaceBook so you can have your input. I know this ...

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CueEther to arrive soon.

We have been working on a simple solution to allow computers to be cued over Ethernet - CueEther will be ready in a couple of week or less for you to try, The CueEther receiver is quite clever as it can work with our GlobalCue.Live, free, browser only - CueLight- program. We will also Launch a CueEther Sender that will work with V5 and V6 Mast...

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Introducing WorldCue.Live remote #cueing for #free


Visit WorldCue.Live Here  WorldCue.Live A remote cueing system over Ethernet & Internet The Home Screen A remote cueing system that only requires a browser.  Take a look here: www.WorldCue.Live

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Free tickets for the #ISE with Interspace Industries

You are invited to attend the ISE, the world's leading exhibition for the AV and systems intergration business as our guests. Click through to the article for the link to your free ticket.   Click Here for your free tickets

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Christmas, Holiday, vacation and New Year break.

Wishing all our friends and customers the seasons greeting. Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!   -- Our office will be closed from the end of Business (UK) 20th December 2019, we will re open 6th January 2020. Deliveries will commence from this date.  Wherever you are, be well.

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#Remembrance Day | #Armistice Day | #Poppy Day | 11/11

Interspace Industries would like to take a minute to observe Remembrance day, thinking of all who served and are still serving. Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

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Telephone balancing with #AiO #CiO #Audio


A couple of Audio friends came round and helped me with the upcoming CiO but we worked out what we could do with he AiO and a mobile phone. We can use it to interface to a sound desk and create a Telephone balancing unit. Granted that the power is all for the phone and you need a good wi-Fi or mobile signal but here it is working rather well. I hav...

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SLV Symposium #Singapore #Asia

Visual Contact Pte. Ltd. SLV is an acronym for Sound, Light and Visual. Targeted at all industry veterans as well as newbies entering the industry. Interspace Industries reseller in Singapore did this show back in July. – they have supported us for many years now in the region. This is one of the shows they look after. For ...

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Nomadic Numpties Mongol Rally (Henri & Turbo) - #CharityRally!

I have known these 2 lovely (totally bonkers) people for most of my career - They are doing this for the Backup Charity that gives support to the Freelance industry in times of sickness and crisis. With out freelancers this company (i2) would not be here. We proudly support them. if you have spare time and spare dosh (monies) please give this to ou...

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How to use videos

 To find out how to use our products please have a look at the following. Video Manuals.

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Here we are at a noisy #PLASAfocus in #Leeds UK

Just did a field test of CDW (Bluetooth). The test was from one end of the hall to the other about 40m and it worked very well! - smug Dave.... 

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PLASA Focus - LEEDS - new toys coming out to play!

​Our free link to obtain a free pass is ... We will have our New CDEther, using these you can send and receive data over the Ethernet! CDW - Bluetooth - Yes BLuetooth and it works! we did 25m plus at ISE ! we were impressed - would it work for you? CDV - CDTouch t...

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TM - Technician Mode - Maintain Control.

​REV 1044 Code, - In addition to the other features and due to customer requests we have added a Technician Mode, this is where a cue is received solely as a visual and audible cue. The Technician can issue another cue with a Wired button (i2WB) or a standard USB keyboard to action the enabled USB ports. - You do not have to of course, - the c...

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New - YouTube Site ~~~ Please subscribe ~~~

We, - well the website elves, - have created a new Interspace Industries, YouTube site  - We need your Help - We need over 100 people to subscribe before we can officially give it the Interspace Industries address - until then - Please! -- log on here and subscribe. we will be adding videos - just as soon as I can turn the ...

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#Cueing with #MicroCue3 – #Blackout button or not…?

One of the topics raised by users of the MC3 is the issue of the divisive, Blackout button! Now, I think there is a simple answer to this question for most presentations. (prove me wrong…) If you have a technician, then maybe you don't need this function. However, if you are running your own show and you need control over the display then you reall...

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#Cueing Systems - #AiO with Skype and other platforms the versatile Audio in/out #soundcard on USB

On the new Version 8 it seems – as some customers have said – that skype only uses a mono Channel one / left channel in from AiO / USB source. AiO works well when using just the left channel – however you will not get much through on the right!  

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