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Announcing Our Latest #Cueing #Product: The Proximity Switch! Contact-Free Cueing!

We're proud to announce the release of our latest cueing product, the Interspace Proximity Switch!

It uses a sensor to enable contactless cueing. Simply swipe your hand over the sensor and it will send a cueing signal via your MasterCueV6 or MicroCue3, without the need for physical contact with a handset.

The Proximity Switch comes in two varieties: ProxSwitch-MCV6, which connects via XLR cable to your MCV6; and ProxSwitch-i2Net, which is compatible with i2Net, so will integrate perfectly with your MC3.

We are excited to add a new cueing method to our range and, as always, we welcome and value your feedback.

The video for our #newproduct Proximity Switch is ...
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