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MC3 now compatible with GlobalCue!

GlobalCue Live with MC3

We have an exciting new development, which we have been working on behind the scenes and are now thrilled to officially announce – that the MicroCue3 is now compatible with GlobalCue!

That’s right – remote cueing via your MC3!

As mentioned above, it works in partnership with our free GlobalCue software, and is a very simple and effective method for MC3 users to perform remote cueing.

All you need to do is physically connect your MC3 unit (via USB Control Port 1) to the slideshow computer, then open our i2Bridge software on the computer and use this to link it to your GlobalCue session.

Your presenter can then learn the mobile/tablet (handset) which holds the GlobalCue clicker to the MC3. In the same way as you would do with our physical handsets.

To enable this set up, you must update your MC3 unit with the latest firmware update, which is available now from our website under MC3 firmware upgrade.

Please also be aware that only Port 1 on your MC3 unit will be compatible with GlobalCue, so connecting via Ports 2 or 3 won’t work. 

It is important to state that this option does not replace our recent CueEther Receiver, Sender, and Wired Receiver range, which still provides a simple and effective method for cueing via Ethernet.

To help with the roll-out of the new Ethernet range and provide user-friendly knowledge of these new products to our customers, we have created slideshows to explain how they can be used and integrated into your cueing set-ups. These can be found below:

The CueEther system




It is a brand new development for us, and one we think will be of great use. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.