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Price increase 24th October 2021

I have had to make a difficult decision about our product prices due to the global shortages of so many components and materials. 

This appears to be due to many issues, including the pandemic, but not least car manufacturers who are buying these items up right now. Also, because mining was shut, refining was shut and of course manufacturing – such as Wafer Fabs where there were so few around the planet it has caused a major shortage in Chips. We have been quoted 2027 for some of our common components. 

There are brokers around the world who claim they can provide chips at a vast increase in price. We are paying 6 x the price for some of these, and metal is increasing in cost with every order that we place for our enclosures. 

I have tried to keep our price increase to the small amount (comparatively speaking) of about 10%, give or take some variations of course. 

I hope that, although is difficult, you will understand this, and we will try to minimise future cost increases and delays in production in the future.

Best regards

Dave Humphrys

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