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SLV Symposium Singapore, Asia

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Visual Contact Pte. Ltd. www.visualcontact.com.sg

SLV is an acronym for Sound, Light and Visual. Targeted at all industry veterans as well as beginners entering the industry.

Our Interspace Industries reseller in Singapore did this show back in July. They have supported us for many years now in the region. This is one of the shows they look after.

For too long, the professionals in the sound, light & visual industries in South-East Asia have been learning on the job and many do not get the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge by learning from the experts.

SLV Symposium aims to help the sound light & visual industry in South-East Asia to share, learn and become well equipped to handle the challenges that the industry faces.

Between the 2 – 4 July 2019 SLV Symposium received many customers from Productions Houses / Rental and Staging / Venue operators / etc from the region.

All came together to network, review products showcased and have a good time.