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Soft Countdown

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Software version of CountDown2, for computer screen, using keyboard & mouse. ...Read more

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Software version of CountDown2, for computer screen, using keyboard & mouse.

Soft Countdown

Soft CountDown is a clever piece of speaker timing software that allows for all the functions of our Countdown2 system to be set up and seen on a computer screen, it is easy to use and is operated with a normal keyboard and mouse.

When you purchase this conference timing system you will receive the Soft CountDown Expander dongle.

This has two roles;

1.  Protection of software from piracy and therefore, protection of your investment. Only needs to be plugged into the PC on its USB cable to enable the software.


2.  If the Expander is powered by the supplied 12V power supply, you can in addition to the screen output, send the selected timer to any of our standard range of digital displays, they are: Mini Display, Remote Display, Big Display and Maxi Display. For more information on each item, please go to the related products tab.


The Soft CountDown expander has two XLR outputs, which means two remote numeric displays can be driven (or use CD Splitter to for greater distance and number) as with the CountDown2.

New Release 27

July 2017

The colour of ticker text can be changed from following the timer colour to any other.

Negative counting past zero is now possible and will apear on screen. At this time only the 12.5mm display will show the minus (-) sign all other displays will be updated as we work through stock.

Release Version 24 had.

This includes some Keyboard short cuts (S for start, C to continue, P for pause and space bar will toggle the last function). Version 24 also has a better control of the output controls (screen and expander).

Please click below for the full version. This will run for 3 minutes without the Soft CountDown Expander, by purchasing this product you will receive the expander and can connect to the computer via its USB cable for full functions.

Please note - you must be registered on this site and logged in to be able to download this product.

archive CountDown1127 (1.82 MB)

Main Features

  • Count up or Down
  • Time of Day (clock) 24H or 12H
  • Font change per colour to endorse colour change
  • Ticker tape text across the screen Size selectable
  • Flash button to set the display to flash at about 2Hz
  • Pause stops the count and the display can be blank or visible - selectable
  • Always on top - selectable
  • Transparent mode - Selectable
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts
  • NEW MULTI TAB mode for multiple presenters
  • NEW PREVIEW MODE to show what is on the monitor
  • NEW MENU OPTIONS for multi display
  • Bug Fix of corrupted seconds on time in certain window formats!

pdf Download the brochure here: SoftCountDown Brochure (863 KB)

pdf Download the manual here: SoftCountDown User Manual (493 KB)

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