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TheatreCue 16 Way V4 System – 16 Outstations

The 16 Way Control Desk and 16 outstations can be expanded up to 40 addressable outstation on over 2km of cable wired in a standard Comms manner with 3 pin XLR. The outstations have a confirm button for acknowledgement with Green go and Red or Amber standby indicators.
This theatre Cueing system has been designed by the Leon Audio Company of Australia. It is unparalleled in it function and versatility.

These are also dimmable if in an area the audience can see or further discretion is required. A buzzer option on the outstations is available. Up to 6 Master outstations can be connected to expand the number of outstations (each with their own universe) and Dual Master mode can be used on the same wiring universe.

Relay outstations and computer interface(RS232 or RS485) are available for this 16W system – due to the low but essential demand for these systems they are built to order.


The software and any internal hardware designs are owned by Leon Audio. Interspace Industries build the unit under CE and RoHS directives for the European market. Interspace Industries build most but not all accessories to this system. All TheatreCue V4 systems from Interspace Industries and Leon Audio are compatible on a hardware level. Software revisions need to be confirmed prior to additional systems purchased. Please contact the Leon Audio Company for any further support or direct sales.