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WorkLite3 Blue White
The WorkLite4 was developed for the Staging & Rental (AV) Industry to give clear controllable lighting with Blue and White options. For all backstage and front-of-house requirements, engineered for control and usability not forgetting that it has been built to be rugged enough to survive the riggers of any production. As the WorkLite4 is LED-based it has a lifetime (on time) of about 4.5 years before the LEDs will fail. With LEDs, there are no filaments to break and of course, we have made the unit efficient in power with PWM dimming. Ultimately, this is a great desk lamp with control and a variety of fixings.

Main Features

– Reliable and solid
– Variable dimmer controls
– Easy to angle and position
– Low Power (sub 4W consumption)
– Approx 300 LUX
– Colour CCT 4000K